Be Know of Your Skin Condition

Be Know of Your Skin Condition

Everyone loves beauty. But do you know your skin condition? Maybe you don’t! If you don’t really know your skin condition, you will also don’t know how to Maintain the skin situation. And you can’t get a beautiful face, so I will introduce the skin analyzer machine. It will help you to know yourself.
Skin analysis gives your clients a rare opportunity to see and understand their skin in a whole new light, and usually the findings are much to their surprise! When you can visually demonstrate to a client that their skin has fine lines that they never knew existed or that their sebaceous glands are working some serious overtime, they are far more likely to follow through and book the recommended treatment. Skin analyzers don’t leave much room for umming and ahhing – the proof is right there in plain sight. If you tend to be stumped for answers whenever a beauty adviser asks about your skin concerns, you can find them using the skin-check machines some brands have at their beauty counters.
For example: If you still think dehydration is a skin condition, you are not likely to have considered how oil and water work in synergy, the physics of trans epidermal water loss, and how the relevant ambient humidity affects water evaporation. You need to re-educate! Today, we should be far more aware of how the leading causes of skin conditions will affect the cells and systems of skin. Today’s clients are more informed and want information and knowledge from you that they will not be reading in the weekly woman’s magazines or on the Internet. The client should see you as an expert in “skin” and one that has an extensive understanding of skin structure and function.
None of this reflects well for the image of the skin therapy profession. In addition, the lack of credible procedures and diagnostic tools being used in conjunction with outdated knowledge is a reflection of our base knowledge, which in all truth is far higher than perceived by the public. 
Customer would like to know their specific skin problems, how to recommend the appropriate product, would like to know the analysis of each representative of the indicators mean, how to determine the severity of skin problems, how to recommend a suitable course of treatment. if you are a beauty salon,spa, clinic. This article will be helpful to you. Kindly note the color of the histogram does not mean anything, just to distinguish it.

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